About Us


Dr. Gregory Tatum, Pastor

Dr. Tatum is a Baptist minister who has been preaching the Gospel for over thirty years. In his early years he hosted and produced his own local Christian cable program called Christian Experience Ministries. This T.V. outreach ministry stayed on the air in southern California for more than twenty years, reaching more than 250,000 homes a week locally. In Early 2004 Dr. Tatum relocated to northern California to the city of Sacramento, the States capital. While in Sacramento Dr. Tatum worked with a new ministry called Faith Fellowship as a youth minister. Dr. Tatum was able to train a group of youth to use video and studio equipment to make their own local T.V. program in Sacramento to reach their peers; thousands of youth were reach each week by this program. In early 2007 Dr. Tatum relocated back to southern California, during this time God was preparing Dr. Tatum and his wife to pastor. In 2009 Dr. Tatum was invited by the Southern Baptist to start a new church in Bakersfield California. For over four years Dr. Tatum, his wife Annette, daughter and son-in- law have been building a church in one of the most challenging areas of the city of Bakersfield. In September 2013 God commissioned Dr. Tatum to have a National Gang Summit in Chicago, Ill. On the south side of Chicago, this event brought National coverage to Chicago, media from different parts of the world came out to cover this event. The next summit is scheduled for Los Angeles California on September 26th and 27th 2014. Dr. Tatum recently visited India this year and will use the things God revealed to him on this trip to help many youth in the states that are at Risk.