The purpose of the Women’s Ministry, God’s Treasured Women is to encourage women to enhance the gifts God has strategically plan for their life and to become enthusiastic disciples of Jesus Christ. Treasured Women of God is designed to provide an opportunity for women to realized their full potential and discover a place of rest in the context of the busy lives which most women lead.


Mission: The goals of the ministry are for women to uplift and encourage one another and to help each other grow in their Christian lives, that they in turn can share their experiences and become a blessing to other women.



·      Growing in their relationship with God through worship, Bible study and prayer

·      Develop women as emotionally healthy, productive and fulfilled individuals and grow them in their sense of identity and self worth through practical teaching and accountability.

·      Train to serve

·      To mentor women

·      Teach women to be successful in the gifts God has given to her

·      Build relationships with one another

·      Rescue women from domestic violence and abusive relationships

·      Teach young girls and young women they are a daughter of the king Jesus